All the Features you Need - and more!

From coupons and loyalty cards to e-commerce and geo-location, here's everything you get with Mob.Is.It

10 Minute Mobile Websites

Build complete and beautiful mobile websites with unlimited pages and all your details and customizations in less than 10 minutes

Desktop Perfect Too!

Create beautiful websites that will look perfect on desktops and notebooks computers too - with just one, simple and super-effective tool.

Integrated E-Commerce & Shopping Cart

Build your complete mobile e-commerce site in 5 minutes & add unlimited products! Receive orders or get paid immediately with Paypal, Stripe or Bitcoin - all included!

Fully Functional Native Apps

Easily create native apps for Apple iOS and Android devices and then distribute them on app stores

Send Push Notifications. Coming soon

Send push notifications to all your app subscribers and users. Extremely easy to do, naturally included in all your plans without any additional cost.

Use Your Own Domains

Give all your mobile sites their own custom domains such as or

Mobile Product Catalog

Manage mobile catalogs on your mobile site: add products and prices and let your users purchase your goods and services from their smartphone

Site Stats

Get a complete set of stats about your mobile website, easily find out how many pages your users are visiting, where do they come from and much more

Password Protected Pages

Protect with a password any page of your mobile site and let only users that know the password access its contents

Homescreen Icon

Create an "add-to-homescreen" on your mobile site that allows users to easily add your site to their homescreen, just like a native app

Search by Location

Add a geo-localized search to any list on your mobile website


Create polls and add them to your mobile website with just a couple of clicks

Dropdown Menu Navigation

Easily and quickly add dropdown menu navigation to your mobile website and mobile web app so your visitors can navigate your mobile pages even better

Stripe Payments

Link your Stripe account with a couple of clicks and start accepting credit cards (and Bitcoins) in your e-commerce websites.

Reservation & Booking Forms

Build a simple yet very effective form for your restaurant or hotel website and collect reservations from mobile visitors

Mobile Coupons

Build mobile coupons quickly and easily and add them to your website to give your customers even more reasons to come back again

Virtual Scratch Card Games

Virtual Scratch Card Games

Allow your customers to win prizes with scratch-off games on your site! They're fun and your customers will love winning- and coming back to your site!

Customer Reward Programs

Reward your customers loyalty for purchasing at your business with Rewards Programs right to their phone.

vCard Sharing & Download

Attach your vCard file to any contact page in your mobile site and allow visitors to download your data and save it directly to their smartphone's address book

Mobile Ads

Embed ads and banners on your mobile site and monetize it using Google AdSense or any other advertising platform

Mobile SEO

Optimize your mobile website for SEO and be found by users and customers searching on Google and other search engines with their smartphones.

Click to Call Stats

Use native stats functionalities to track exactly how many people clicked on click-to-call buttons and links of your mobile websites and native apps


Add a map on any page of your mobile website and let your users find you quickly and easily

Reseller Tools

Give your customers a totally white-label, fully-brandable mobile website builder with your logo and your own custom look.


Create as many click-to-call buttons as you want and add them to all the pages of your mobile site for an immediate and effective way to be contacted by your visitors

Integrated Email Marketing

Integrate easily with your existing Email marketing platform such as Mailchimp