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A beautiful, modern and extremely elegant template, ready to be used for any kind of business: agencies, professionals, marketers or any type of local and global company.

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This ultra-slick and chic template is ideal for single properties, jewelries, personal websites or any other business that wants to immediately convey a sense of elegance and awesomeness.

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A strong and earthy template ideal for restaurants, bars and businesses where customers can always feel at home.

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The perfect template for the modern web and marketing agency, with an extremely professional look and a fresh, innovative and inspiring overall style.

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Real Estate

 If you want to impress visitors and clients while growing your real-estate business, this is the ideal template for you.

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A refreshing template for showing up how much your business and services can help your customers grow healthier, stronger, faster - making you grow.

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The perfect site for the classy, elegant and tasty up-town restaurant. Easy to use, pre-filled with content you can quickly customize to be online in a matter of minutes.

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Auto Repair

A ready-made, elegant and beautiful website for auto repair shops, mechanics and other small businesses in the car repair industry.

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Nail Salon

An elegant and charming template ready to be used for nail salons and other beauty-related businesses. easy to use, pre-filled with the most useful and appropriate content.

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Hair Dresser

An beautiful template for hair salons, hair dressers and all other businesses related to make-up, nail care and beauty.

Packed with elegant images, enriched with a customizable "book now" form and with a ready-made membership are. Click below to see it live!


Caffè Greco

An elegant template for the most hip, delicious and trendy bars and coffee shops in town. Complete with animations, special offers and a pre-set loyalty card, ready to be used to increase revenues and customers loyalty.

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